Annual Scholarship

Fortmann - Dellorto - McGowan

Student Scholarship Application Window for 2021-2022 has Opened

The Student Scholarship application window for the 2021-2022 school year has opened. Applications are available on St. Henry's website, in the church office or on the tables in the church. Applicants must be in grades 6 or higher, registered and active members of St Henry Church for at least 2 years and comply with all requirements stated on the application. The deadline to submit the completed application with all required documentation is Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Están abiertas las inscripciones para solicitar becas estudiantiles

Se abrió el período para recibir solicitudes para obtener una beca estudiantil para el año escolar 2021-2022. Las planillas para solicitarlas están disponibles en el sitio web de St. Henry, en la oficina de la parroquia o en las mesas de la iglesia. Se aceptarán solicitudes a partir del 6to grado o superior y deben ser miembros registrados y activos de St Henry Church durante al menos 2 años y cumplir con todos los requisitos establecidos en la solicitud. La fecha límite para enviar la solicitud completa con toda la documentación requerida es el jueves 22 de abril de 2021.

Click HERE to download Your Scholarship Application Checklist.
Click HERE to download Your Spanish Scholarship Application Checklist.

Applicants and parents must be active, registered members of St. Henry Church during the past year. The Applicant must be in 6th grade or higher, must be in good standing at their school and church and must provide completed application with required documentation for consideration. For an application, please click on the appropriate link.

A message from Father Francis:

The occasion of the scholarship award annually reminds us that through the kind-heartedness and generosity of the families of Fortmann, Dellorto and McGowan, Saint Henry Church is able to disburse some money to deserving and active members of this parish in keeping with the specified intentions of the donors.

The families of Fortmann, Dellorto and McGowan were faithful members of Saint Henry Church. They made significant financial contributions to this Church and were good and kind to people in general. They did not want their assistance to the Church and the parishioners to end with their passing on to eternity. So, out of their generosity they set aside some money for the Church as Scholarship Funds to be a means of continued and lasting relationship with the Church and its parishioners. Their acts mirrored the Solemnity we celebrate: that Jesus left for us in the Sacrament of his Body and Blood, the means of continued presence and action among us and within us. We owe these donors our prayers even as we ask for their prayers that we in turn may be good Stewards and Disciples of Jesus Christ all through our lives.