Religious Education

The program is geared toward providing Religious Instruction to children not attending Catholic Schools.

Our CCD (religious education program) is made up of volunteer teachers who care about our children's spiritual growth. With books and our personal experiences, we hope to plant seeds in our children's hearts to become good Christians. Parents are, of course, the primary example and educators for our children's knowledge about our faith.

Our program begins with class at 9:45 am. on Sundays in the church hall. Class ends at 11:15. We encourage families to attend the 11:30 Mass immediately after class.

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CCD teachers and children

Religious Education Teachers: Gus Maldonado, Julio Mendoza, Rebeca Kutner, Michelle Pedebos & Dolores McBride

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Baptism: Diane Valek, 954-785-2450

Confirmation Coordinator: Gus Maldonado, 954-440-7230

Holy Communion: Michelle Pedebos, 954-297-5435