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Whether parishioner or visitor at Saint Henry Catholic Church, may you find the peace of Christ and abundant blessings from our parish community. Please explore our website to see how Saint Henry can become part of your faith journey. We look forward to meeting you!

St. Henry Catholic Church Ministry Questionnaire

Dear Cherished Parishioner:
With the changes the pandemic has created, we have designed this questionnaire to gather feedback on ways we can create ministries that will enhance our community growth and fellowship. We would appreciate your feedback on what ministries you would like to see our parish develop so that you can be more involved. As a parish family, we need to renew the vibrant community spirit and rebuild our togetherness. If you would like to see a specific ministry started, please indicate. Also, if you are willing to assist with this ministry, please provide your contact information and members from our parish council will connect with you. Please place your completed questionnaire in the suggestion box in the church or in the collection basket.


Cuestionario de ministerios de la Iglesia de San Henry

Queridos feligreses:
Con los cambios que la pandemia ha creado, hemos designado este cuestionario para obtener su opinión a cerca de la creación de nuevos ministerios que puedan mejorar el crecimiento y la fraternidad de nuestra comunidad. Apreciamos las sugerencias en relación a ministerios que le gustaría que fueran desarrollados en nuestra parroquia, para que pueda usted pueda sentirse más integrado. Como familia parroquial necesitamos renovar el espíritu vibrante de la comunidad y reconstruir nuestra unidad. Si le gustaría que se iniciara algún ministerio específico, por favor indíquelo y si usted está interesado en colaborar en este ministerio, le pedimos que provea su información para que miembros del consejo parroquial puedan contactarlo. Por favor deposite el cuestionario completo en la caja de sugerencias dentro de la iglesia o en la canasta de recolección.


Fr. Francis A. Akwue

Fr. Francis A. Akwue

Welcome to St. Henry Catholic Church

A message from the Pastor:

We are humbled by your generosity and support of the Archbishop's Charities and Development Drive (ABCD). Your sacrificial generosity to the ABCD truly bears witness to our faith and the essence of being an embodiment of the Church - a place of refuge for the hopeless; a place filled with mercy and love.

Because of you and your sacrificial giving, the ABCD can bring hope by serving others in their time of need, help our students continue on their journey of learning and prepare them for the future and raise a unified voice for peace and dignity of all human life. Together, we are the Church.

If you have yet to respond to this year's ABCD, we need you! Please prayerfully consider mirroring the love of Christ by putting your faith into action by making a gift today. Even a small gift can make a big difference. You can obtain a pledge envelope from the parish office or you can make a gift online at www.isupportabcd.org. Thank you and God bless you!

This year, St. Henry Church's goal is $59,076. Please consider a donation to this year's ABCD and no gift is too small. Thank you to all who have contributed and to those considering a donation this year.

- Father Francis

Nos sentimos humillados por su generosidad y apoyo a la Unidad de Caridades y Desarrollo del Arzobispo (ABCD). Vuestra generosidad sacrificial a la ABCD da verdaderamente testimonio de nuestra fe y de la esencia de ser encarnación de la Iglesia, lugar de refugio para los desesperados; un lugar lleno de misericordia y amor.
Gracias a vosotros y a vuestro sacrificio, el ABCD puede traer esperanza sirviendo a los demás en su momento de necesidad, ayudar a nuestros alumnos a continuar su camino de aprendizaje y prepararlos para el futuro y preparar una voz unificada para la paz y la dignidad de toda la vida humana. Juntos, somos la Iglesia.
Si aún no has respondido al ABCD de este año, ¡te necesitamos! Por favor, en espíritu de oración consideren reflejar el amor de Cristo poniendo su fe en acción haciendo un regalo hoy. Aun, un pequeño regalo puede hacer una gran diferencia. Puede obtener un sobre de compromiso en la oficina parroquial o puede hacer una donación en línea en www.isupportabcd.org. ¡Gracias y que Dios los bendiga!
Este año, la meta de la Iglesia St. Henry es $59,076. Haga una donación al ABCD. Ninguna donación es demasiado pequeña. Gracias a todos los que han ya ha donado y a los que van a donar este año.

- Padre Francis

Archbishop's Charity and Development Drive


Father William Muñiz was a "father" in every sense of the word. He was a spiritual father to Christian communities in Nicaragua, Texas and South Florida. He was a biological father to his three sons, a grandfather of five and a husband for 63 years to his wife, Olga. A former Episcopal priest who was ordained for the Archdiocese of Miami in 1994, Father Muñiz died the evening of July 31, 2020, of complications from COVID-19. He died at the same hospital, Holy Cross in Fort Lauderdale, where he ministered as a chaplain until 2012.

Father William Muñiz: Born June 23, 1935; ordained for the Catholic Church, May 28, 1994; died July 31, 2020. Father Muñiz was 85 and had marked his 25th anniversary as an archdiocesan priest last year. Before that, he had been a priest in the Episcopal Church for 27 years.

"He had a positive COVID test and just went downhill from there," said his middle son, William D. Muñiz. "He was not sick. He was very agile, very entertaining, made people laugh," said Father Francis Akwue, pastor of St. Henry Church in Pompano Beach, where Father Muñiz started a ministry to Hispanics in 2015 — three years after his retirement from fulltime ministry.

"The history of St. Henry would not be complete without him because he started the Spanish work here, the apostolate to the Spanish-speaking," Father Akwue said. The parish was planning to start a novena of Masses for Father Muñiz Aug. 3, 2020. "We expect the Spanish-speaking will fill the church today and many other days to come," Father Akwue noted.

"His call (came) when he was in his 30s," said son William. Prior to that, Father Muñiz worked as general manager for LANICA Airlines in Miami, and before that for Pan American Airlines in his native Nicaragua.
"He just decided to do more of God's work instead of the rat race," said William Muñiz, who often served on the altar when his father celebrated Mass and accompanied him to food and toy giveaways for the poor.
"He was an individual who wanted to always help the poor," said Muñiz. "He set up a clinic in Nicaragua for the low-income people. He established missions throughout the coast of Bluefields in Nicaragua. So he was very (good at) spreading the Lord's mission and God's presence."

"He was very active and very dedicated," said his son William, recalling that their family life, along with his father's ministry, was "a team effort" with his mother, Olga. "It was beautiful." "He was always positive and always trying to make everybody happy and breaking the ice," Muñiz recalled. "He was a rascal in that way, I guess. He always made people comfortable." He stressed that his father had a knack for making people feel like they belonged in the church, to the point that they did not just attend Mass but got involved in various ministries. "That was the rewarding part from the congregation itself, to feel that they were part of the mission," Muñiz said.

He retired from fulltime ministry in March 2012 but continued to help at St. Henry and other parishes in Broward County. Father Muñiz is survived by his wife Olga, sons William, Allen and Richard, daughters-in-law Annette and Lina, a sister, Violeta Muñiz Castillo, and five grandchildren.

Excerpted and retrieved from Archdiocese of Miami's webpage on August 11, 2020

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You can now donate through Zelle

Now you can also contribute to our parish in an easier way, with the convenience of the Zelle service, please make your donation to our parish this Christmas and during the year to:
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Donaciones a través del Servicio Zelle

Para su comodidad, a partir de ahora también puede hacer sus donaciones a nuestra parroquia de San Henry utilizando el servicio Zelle. Si desea hacer una donación esta Navidad o su ofrenda semanal por este medio done a:
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Adoration after 8:00am Mass until 7:00pm Mass

Drawn together by our common bonds of Faith, Hope and Love, we strive to serve God and one another as members of a parish family under the patronage of Saint Henry.

With ardent faith we celebrate the Eucharist, sharing the mystery of Christ's presence in our Holy Communion.

Compelled by the love of Christ, we reach out beyond the walls of our church and minister, not only to members who are unable physically to attend and participate actively in the Liturgy, but also to people near and far, who need our services.

happy parisioners: mission statement = faith, hope and love